These are the most common products, if you want something else, let us know.


We can produce any size you want from 2x2 up to 22x28.

Standard brochures are usually 8.5x11 flat and trifold down to about 3.5x8.5


Most standard brochures get a trifold to turn them from 8.5x11 to about 3.5x8.5

Standard Bifold or Trifolds are included in the price for standard sized brochures

Any other folds like french folds, short folds, gate folds, z folds are not included in the print price


Your order can be bundled in 50s, 100s or any other amount

This is usually for Every Door Direct Mail (in 100s), but can be used for any product.

Bundling is $1.25 per bundle with a $29 minimum.


We can print 1 to one million.
Call or Chat With Us for a quote on your specific quantity

  • Full Color On Both Sides
  • Glossy On Both Sides
  • Free Bifold or Trifold
  • Printed on Gloss Text (Like A Nice Magazine Cover)
  • Printed on Card Stock (Like A Fry Box)
  • Printed on Cover Stock (Like A High End Magazine Cover)
  • Any Size Available Chat Now
  • Any Quantity Available Chat Now
All sale prices include a "Printed By LadyPrinting.com" tag for a $10 discount
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Retail Price: $202.68
Sale Price: $101.34
Retail Price: $202.68  Sale Price: $101.34

Custom Designs Start At Just $8

Common Art Options


No PO Boxes Please
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  • Fedex Delivers To Your Door. (Most people choose this)
  • Airline Delivers To Your Nearest Airport. (You have to pick it up)
  • Address Delivers To Our Local Business Mail Post Office. It includes individually addressing each piece. It does NOT include postage.
  • EDDM Prep Bundles and Prepares and Qualifies At Our Local Business Mail Post Office. Then It Ships To Your Destination Post Office. It does NOT include postage.
  • Freight Delivers Large/Heavy Orders To Your Door. (You don't need a loading dock. Call or chat if you do have a dock)

Order Summary


Order Summary
  • 5000 Economy Door Hanger 3x7
  • Use My Own Art 
  • Need Delivery Address