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"I just wanted to let you know that the postcards turned out great. I'll definitely be using your services..."

-- Eric Mullarky


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Postcard Printing

  • Full Color, Double sided postcard printing included.

  • Your Postcards will ship within 3-5 days. We can ship them as quick as tomorrow with rush service.
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  • Full color on both sides glossy coating on both sides printed on 12 point card stock (3x as thick as copier paper).

  • Call or Chat Now for details.

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Includes free proof and double sided printing.

4x6 Postcard$58.32$60.12$116.64$135.24$242.88
4.25x6 Postcard$63.39$65.35$126.78$147$264
5x7 Postcard$85.76$88.41$171.53$198.88$357.18
5.5x8.5 Postcard$112.15$115.62$224.31$260.08$467.08
6x9 Postcard$145.80$150.30$291.60$338.10$607.20
6.5x9 EDDM Postcard$145.80$150.30$291.60$338.10$607.20
6x11 Postcard$162$167$324$375.67$674.67
11x14 Postcard$364.50$375.75$729$845.25$1518
Postcards - Higher Quantities
4x6 Postcard$350.52$467.36$561.20$673.44$1122.40$2244.80
4.25x6 Postcard$381$508$610$732$1220$2440
5x7 Postcard$515.47$687.29$825.29$990.35$1650.59$3301.18
5.5x8.5 Postcard$674.08$898.77$1079.23$1295.08$2158.46$4316.92
6x9 Postcard$876.30$1168.40$1403$1683.60$2806$5612
6.5x9 EDDM Postcard$876.30$1168.40$1403$1683.60$2806$5612
6x11 Postcard$973.67$1298.22$1558.89$1870.67$3117.78$5422.22
11x14 Postcard$2190.75$2921$3507.50$4209$6100$12200

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Custom Fold Setup $88
Gate Fold Setup $98
Glue Seal 3 cents each (Minimum $100)
Drill Holes $35 setup + $10/M (Minimum $ 75)
Perforations $35 setup + $10/M (Minimum $ 75)
Scratch-Offs $25 setup + $50/M (Minimum $ 75)
Round Corners $35 setup + $15 per 1,000 (min $75) 1/4" or 3/8" radius
Diecutting $35 setup + $25/M (Minimum $ 75)
Custom Pockets $100 setup fee for single pocketed folders




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